Spokane Summer Parkways is an idea inspired by an event in Bogota, Colombia called Ciclovia (meaning “bike path” in Spanish) and similar events in other parts of the world. The focus is on recreation, fitness, and community when we close streets to automobiles and open up the streets to bikes, pedestrians, skaters, and other human-powered transportation.

Physical fitness activities like yoga, Zumba, hula hoops, gymnastics, tai chi, fencing, dancing, Pilates, self defense, jump rope, hacky sack, and martial arts will be offered free along the course to encourage a healthy lifestyle for everyone.  Folks of all ages and abilities may enter and exit the course at any point and enjoy these activities.  Participants are also encouraged to bring their own games and hobbies along (e.g. picnics, music, chalk art, hopscotch, bubbles, juggling, jump rope, etc).

In 2015, Spokane Summer Parkways will be held on

Thursday, June 18, 6-9 PM

Manito Comstock neighborhoods  

Manito Comstock map general scheme


Bike Decorating Contest
Sponsored by Applied Health Associates Chiropractic & Massage
When: 7pm
Where: West side of Comstock Park @ West 32nd Ave
Contestants should come with their bikes decorated for categories:
Most patriotic
Near nature, near perfect!
Weird and wacky
Favorite superhero or character
Dynamic duo award (best pair of bikes)
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Spokefest Association

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