Summer Parkways is YOUR venue – make the most of it!

Businesses of ALL sizes are welcome – from a 1-person hula hoop troupe to a 20-member bike decorating team, we want you to help create an incredible event! Be creative about it – there’s nothing saying the CPA firm you own can’t host a sideway chalk art booth (& pass out some business flyers at the same time).


The goal of Summer Parkways is to close the roads to car traffic and open them for human-powered entertainment for families, couples, outdoor enthusiasts – everybody! We’re creating the venue, but you’re creating the event by being a part of it.

While we prefer to offer physical and/or interactive displays for Summer Parkways participants, we realize that the value of this open space could offer so much more to Spokane businesses and residents. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to interact with the community, and it’s a fun way for us all to experience Spokane’s diverse neighborhoods in a new way.

Check out this video for more information about becoming a vendor this year

Won’t you join us and help make Summer Parkways 2023 a huge success? We hope so – we can’t do this without you! There are a few things you should know, though:

  • This is a family-oriented event, and we’d like to keep holding it & growing it each year. To do that (& with the continued support from our city & law enforcement partners), we need vendors to “self select” for these events. If your business is controversial or focused on tobacco or alcohol, we respectfully suggest that you decline to attend. Thank you in advance for making a responsible choice about this.
  • As a business owner, you’re responsible for following all permitting / licensing guidelines. That’s between you and the city of Spokane – Summer Parkways can’t assume this responsibility.  Contact the Spokane Regional Health District 30 days before to review any permitting requirements.
  • You’re also responsible for any waivers or other permissions you want potential customers / participants to sign. Any paperwork of this sort is an agreement between you and the client.
  • The above is most especially true for food vendors! Know the rules of how your business is to operate in a public space, and follow them to the letter.
  • These events are held in residential areas, so it’s important to consider the noise ordinance. Amplified sound is strongly discouraged unless you select a location in a city park (& you still must apply for a noise variance permit directly with the city).
  • Again, because we’ll be primarily in neighborhoods (and some city parks), we strongly request that you respect the   lawns, gardens, driveways and other personal space of the homeowners along the route.
  • Please plan to be responsible for any garbage / recyclables created at or near your site. We want to leave the neighborhood in at least as good a shape as we found it in, and having garbage on the streets won’t get us invited back! We’ll try to provide limited garbage & recycling options, but it’ll be a big help to everybody if you hang a garbage bag from the side of your table. Thanks for helping us with this!

Remember, we’re providing a venue, but you’re making this event what it is!

Manito / Comstock-  Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 6-9PM 


Still have questions? Email us!

A Special Shout Out to Our Most Dedicated Vendors-Exhibitors Through the Years:

The following are people we remember as die-hards, whose loyalty  year after year has helped to make successful events.

(If you don’t see your name/business name here, and think you belong here, let us know, send us your logo, and we’ll recognize you for your loyalty)

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